International representatives

Internationals are welcome!

Read the testimonials of our International Representatives

Asmo Esser

International Faction Member

Joining the SOG has truly been an invaluable experience! Not only did I get to look into the policy making structure of the University, but also had the chance to bring in new ideas and represent students on an University level! I can truly recommend this experience to any student that wants to make their ideas heard and gain various new skills in different fields!

Takudzwa Mutezo (2014)

My role as a student representative, in the highest policy making body at the University of Groningen is ultimately to ensure that all students, particularly internationals are considered when making decisions and new policies. [...] Read Takus full testimonial here.

Alexandra Crisan (2013)

I had a great experience, the year in the Council taught me to connect and network better with people, to acquire public speaking skills and thinking politically about the matters discussed during the meetings and nevertheless to present myself as the one guarding and fighting for the students’ interests. [...] Read Alexandras full testimonial here.

Ritwik Swain (2012)

My time with SOG was very special for me as I was the first-ever international student in the University Council of the University of Groningen (2012-13). [...] I am grateful for SOG for this opportunity and I am delighted to see that there have been international council members elected in the two years following. Read Ritwiks full testimonial here.