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9 June 2015

Come and get your fresh orange juice & learn more about mediation costs

Questions about unjustly paid mediation costs? Or are you moving soon and doubting whether you should pay mediation costs or not? Support Center Mediation costs will […]
4 June 2015

Participate in the international classroom seminar

Would you like to participate in the international classroom seminar? Many interesting workshops are offered, all to promote internationalisation and integration. Do you like to discuss […]
3 June 2015

What do next year’s university council’s internationals envision?

The SOG has always been at the forefront of promoting internationalisation and the participation of internationals in the University Council. Luckily, other parties have now also […]
17 May 2015

SOG support list university council elections

We hereby proudly present you our support list for the university elections 2015! Who do you know from this great list? Don’t forget to vote from […]
12 May 2015

Questionnaire on Employability

The SOG’s International Student Council has been working on a questionnaire to address the concerns expressed by many international students with regard to employability and career. […]
11 May 2015

SOG’s election points: Self-development and freedom of choice

Putting freedom of choice and self-development above all! Being a student is more than only studying. You are the designer of your student time and should […]
27 March 2015

ACLO moves to the city centre!

The ACLO finally moves to the city centre! Great news for sporty students. The SOG has pleaded for an ACLO location in the city centre for […]
25 March 2015

RUG starts Branch Campus in China

University of Groningen to start first Dutch branch campus in China The University of Groningen will be the first Dutch university to open a branch campus […]
23 March 2015

We are proud to present our #8 of the candidate faction!

I am Lissette Leegstra, 23 years old and studying Law. I want to participate in the SOG because I want to protect students’ interests and ensure […]
22 March 2015

We are proud to present our second international representative on #7!

My name is Joris De Tomasi and I am an international student in Groningen. I am half Dutch and half Italian. I grew up in Italy […]