The SOG, who are we, what do we do?

The Student Organization Groningen (SOG) is the oldest association looking after the interest of the students of the University of Groningen. The SOG is divided into a board and a faction. The faction takes place in the University Council.

The SOG is an association that looks after the interests of student from the University of Groningen and consists of a board, a faction and several committees. The SOG look after the interests of all students by representing them in the University Council. The SOG does not take sides politically, everyone should be able to feel at home with the association.

Besides that, the SOG is politically and socially aware. This is expressed in the fact that the SOG organises lectures concerning several political and societal themes. These lectures can be attended by everyone free of charges!

Moreover, the SOG organises various social activities. For example the members drink, which takes place every last Monday of the month at café Jut & Jul. Also, the SOG cooperates with other student associations every year to organize the Galant Gala.

Also, the SOG has a law office. They give free legal advice to everyone who has a problem. Other committees are the SOG Education Committee (SOC) and the International Student Council (ISC). These committees consist of students from different faculties and nationalities. They perform supportive research and advise the faction on several issues.