The ISC is a unique committee under the Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG) and a platform for international students to voice their opinion and organise educationally concerned activities for their fellow international students. International Student shall consist of international students coming from various cultural surroundings. The international SOG Faction member will automatically be a member of the ISC as well, due to this co Immittee’s functions and interests.

One of the main tasks of the International Student Council is to focus on educational matters within the RUG. This will be done in two ways. Firstly, its members will have the opportunity to communicate with an the international SOG Faction member who has an access to the University Council, which is why they may organize various surveys within the international students and talk to the international faction member about matters they wish to change, explain, or discuss. Secondly, the ISC will organize educationally concerned events in English, which can always be done in cooperation with other SOG committees or other international study and student associations in Groningen.

Members of the 2015/2016 ISC

ChairwomanRavelle Melissen

SecretarySamuel Pavlicek

Vladimir Belev

Amulya Kumar

Helena Lindemann

Samuel McCaddon

Board representativeAlena Křížová

Faction representativeJonah Thompson