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About us

The SOG is an advocacy association for students at the University of Groningen and consists of a board, a faction in the university council and various committees. The SOG represents the interests of all students on a university level and organizes various events throughout the year!
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How can we help you?

Student Representation

In the University Council, the SOG faction represents the interests of 30.000 RUG-students.

Information Services

The SOG informs students about the latest news of all areas that are relevant for students, for example regarding the university, student life and national developments.

Political and Social activities

The SOG regularly organises lectures, a yearly conference and various other politically and socially relevant activities.

Legal office

The SOG's legal office offers free legal advice to all Students..

Support center mediation costs

The support center mediation costs helps students with reclaiming their unjustly paid mediation costs and gives them free legal advice in this field.


13 April 2017

New Memo: Practical Interdisciplinary Minors!

Read our new memo on practical interdisciplinary minors here!
7 December 2016

New Memo: Info clips

Read our new memo on info clips here! Dutch: memo-infoclips-nederlands English: memo-infoclips-english-done  
6 October 2016

Nobel prize for Ben Feringa!

We are thrilled to hear that Prof. Dr. Ben Feringa, who works at the University of Groningen has received the Nobel Prize for chemistry today! The […]